Friday, June 7, 2019


I hope you enjoy the awards each of your child received!  Many awards could have been given multiple times but I like every award to be give only once so that award is special to one student during our presentation!!

My final message to my 2018-19 2nd grade class!  Have a great summer!  You will always have a special spot in my heart!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Almost 3rd graders!

Well.......the end is in sight and your children are more than ready for Lincoln.  We played at North Park with our kindergarten buddies one last time and enjoyed popsicles together.  We ate lunch together in the classroom and played a couple rounds of a game called Scattergories!

The last day of school is a bittersweet day for me.  I am always sad to send my students on to Lincoln, even when they so ready!  Each of your children have grown this year, academically, behaviorally, and socially, and I have enjoyed watching them all year long.  I want to also thank each of you for supporting all that has happened in our classroom this year, whether it was donating snacks, reading RAP books, or sending notes back when necessary!  You have amazing children and I will miss each of them!

Have a wonderful summer! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Ag Day/Safety Day

I took over 100 pictures today, because the day was AMAZING!  I promise not to post all of them, but I am going to post many!   A HUGE shout-out to Amy Green and all the 4-H Helpers!  They all did a fantastic job of organizing the day, letting us know where we needed to be, and supporting anything we may have needed throughout the day!  As you look through these pictures, you will see the MANY different things we did and learned all day long!!!!!

First of all, every student and myself were given a FREE t-shirt.  We did leave a little later than expected due to a crazy rain shower!!!

In order to fill a little bit of time, students got to see their 2nd grade Portfolios for the first time!  I think they liked them.  You will get to see them tomorrow night when students bring them home!

Amy welcomed us and asked each student to learn all day and try to teach many of the lessons they learn today to the people they love tonight!!

GERMS - They are everywhere!  Shamus and JJ are sharing a liquid from their vials.  I wonder if their vials had any germs in them.  When Mrs. Rinner added the magic liquid to each person's vial, if yours turned pink, you came into contact with GERMS!

Do you think Bryer and Sawyer had any germs??

Students are waiting to see if their liquid will change color after Mrs. Rinner adds the magic to it!  Changing colors meant there were GERMS!

POOL SAFETY - Students got some good reminders of how to stay safe in the pool!

Then we got a healthy snack - bananas and apples!  Students were thrilled with this surprise!!

Next up - making a simple First Aid Kit!  Your child should have brought theirs home.  Washington County Hospital showed students how to use each item in their kit!

What's in the bottle.  It may look like maple syrup, but it's really motor oil.  It may look like blue gatorade, but it's really windex window cleaner.  Students had 10 sets of things to determine which was the poison!

FIRE SAFETY - Students LOVED spraying the fire hose!!


 RECESS - We played a few games in the parking lot to burn off some energy before our afternoon sessions!

I allowed student to choose if they wanted a picture taken alone or with anyone from the class.

ATV SAFETY - Students learned the importance of wearing a helmet and a few other tips to keep them safe if they are going to ride any sort of ATV vehicle!

TRAIN SAFETY - Have you ever seen the Train Depot at the Fairgrounds.  Students saw many electric trains run, and also learned about safety around train tracks!

KEEPING OURSELVES SAFE! - How can we keep ourselves safe when others are making bad choices.  What super power would we like to have to keep the bad people away from us!  Students got to create their own super hero!

 FARM SAFETY -  We learned how quickly bad things can happen when there is heavy equipment around!

DISABILITES - How would we function if we could not see, walk, hear, or use our hands?  Students to live this life for a short time!


 STRANGER DANGER - We ended with a police officer talking with us about what to do if you are approached by a stranger while outside or even when at home.